Well, It’s Been Good in Goodyear

I came here expecting a temporary home, but I’m leaving a place I can call more than that. During my short time in Goodyear, Arizona, I made lifetime friends, learned a few life lessons, had many adventures, got engaged and even married!

dates  Getting quality time with this guy was a big perk: we had many date nights, experienced NASCAR together, got advice from a Vietnam Vet, became regular movie goers, enjoyed the best chicken and waffles, and much, much more!

what he doesSo I finally learned what he really does! I was privileged to get many tours of the F-16 learning about it’s mission and capabilities; I was able to watch many take offs and landings; I even did a sim myself; but my favorite was having Moose provide commentary while watching Michael from prep to take off for a flight!

holiday with new famBeing on the West Coast, we were able to join Michael’s brother and the rest of the family in California for Easter. This was a big deal for me because not only was it my first Easter away from my family, it was my first holiday with his. I am so grateful for this time that I was able to get to know them and develop great relationships with my new family.

adventuresWe were fortunate enough that while we were out here, we had some free time to travel. We spent some time on the lake with our AZ friends; took a hike with the Pip in Sedona; took my first trip to Vegas; and had a wonderful weekend in Colorado with close friends and touring the AF Academy.

wc friendsWith the West Coast scenery came West Coast friends! I was able to see several of my dearest friends that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

Blaine and Brittany have been wonderful friends of mine for years, but I was so happy to finally be able to spend some time on their stomping ground. They are two wonderful people that I couldn’t be more blessed to know!

Also, on our trip to Vegas, we were able to spend time with BART. He has been a great friend to both of us and we were excited to see him before heading off again!

Then, Toni and Todd thankfully thought to give us a call during their trip to Prescott. This couple has been influential throughout my entire life and I was thrilled they were able to spend time with Michael (their stamp of approval meant the world to me!).

new friendsOf course, we made several new friends. These people were here for us during transition and have touched our lives more than I could have imagined. I am so happy to have such wonderful friends I know I can count on and call even though we’ll be worlds apart.

engagedmarriedThe best thing that happened in Goodyear was getting to marry the love of my life! We have been blessed to have this time together in Goodyear to nourish our relationship and spend time setting the tone for the rest of our lives together.


Now it’s time for our next adventure together. It’s been good, Goodyear!


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