Month Ten

So we are well into month eleven and I am now finding the time to get this out there! Whew! What a month it’s been!!

Avera turned 10 months on January 25 and it was  a full month for her. Not only did she grow and learn a ton, but she moved across the world!

Literally, on January 5, Avera entered America for the first time in her life. That’s crazy to even think about!

Her favorite things to do at this age:

  • bathtime (I don’t think this will ever change!)
  • play! play! play! — she is nonstop, especially if big kids are around
  • climb — yes, CLIMB! everything she shouldn’t.
  • talk — she is a fantastic storyteller
  • be naked — who can blame her!?
  • eat — anything I let her.

Skills and discoveries:

  • walking — January 14 she decided she couldn’t be stopped as she began laps around the apartment
  • running
  • climbing
  • waving
  • clapping and dancing
  • kissing — on January 13 she officially started intentional smooches.
  • A top tooth was spotted on January 23.
  • She discovered her tongue on January 24.

Avera is a social butterfly, there’s no doubt! She loves playing with other kids, waving to everyone she sees and talking to anyone who will listen.

Even walking and waving!

One of the hardest parts of leaving Korea was saying “see ya later” to many of her friends.

But, she was reunited with this baby friend in America.

She now enjoys trips to Target anytime she wants!

She has always enjoyed the outdoors, but the fresh, clean air in America has expanded her adoration.

She began swim lessons.

This little chick loves the water! Pool and tub

This month, she had many visitors and was able to meet her Uncle Dan, Aunt Sisy, and cousins JoyBelle and Britt for the FIRST time!

The joy of discovering the sounds she can make!

Some extra pics 😀

And for the dedicated followers: a 3+ minute video of a story Avera had to share in the middle of the night before going back to sleep!