Weeks 6-12

1As I mentioned before, I was surprised by my reaction to this pregnancy. This pregnancy has already been so different. I was aware prior to getting pregnant that every pregnancy is different from person to person as well as each pregnancy in one person. But wow, there is no denying that it has been eye opening for me to see how true that has been personally.

Some differences:

  • The symptoms: exhaustion and nausea. I realize I am trying to keep up with a toddler, in the middle of a move amount all other kinds of chaos. However, I can’t help but blame the baby for these symptoms.
  • The belly: my oh my is it out and about early! With my first pregnancy I could have kept things quiet until I popped around weeks 21-22. This time, no way! I already had a bump at 9 weeks and was limited on clothing around week 12.

Due to the move and all that’s been going on, my timeline hasn’t lined up quite like it would in my head, but hey, that’s having kids right?!

Throughout the first trimester I struggled keeping this baby a secret as I felt I needed an excuse to explain my hot mess, insomniac tendencies. 

Fortunately, both sets of parents came to visit us in Vegas for Mike’s graduation when I was 7 weeks along. This was the perfect opportunity for us to share the news with all the grandparents.

At this point, things had been stressful as I had experienced many unwanted symptoms. Just a few days before announcing to our parents I was able to visit a doctor that did blood work and an ultrasound to confirm everything was fine. It was just in time for us to hear the little heartbeat for the first time. It never fails that that sweet sound provides such a great, big comfort!

The weeks to follow were filled with many hours in the car, a big move, seeing family and friends, all the pregnancy hoopla and a whole lot of adjusting already.

Already showing at 9 weeks so bump pics across the country!