Month Eleven

Eleven is too close to twelve and I can’t deal! The amount of sweetness, increased understanding, dancing and talking has caused this mama’s heart to melt daily.

New this month:

  • clicking the tongue – all the time and particularly when music comes on
  • on February 6 she started using the sign for more
  • 3 teeth peeking through
  • giving kisses when I ask
  • blowing kisses
  • giving toys to Pippa and giving her more attention in general

Favorite things to do:

  • dance, dance, dance – her favorite song is I’ll Stand by You by Rachel Platten
  • climb on anything and everything
  • eat
  • talk… and talk and talk and talk!

This month Avera got to visit friends in Phoenix.

She enjoyed the beautiful weather, walking in the park and being one of the pups.

Twice this month she was reunited with her frog prince, Bennett. She visited him in Phoenix and then he visited her in Vegas.

She continued swim lessons and made them a family event.

She insists she is a big girl and loves to walk everywhere.

She’s a bit of a daredevil climbing on everything, jumping in to anything, loving the playground and ball pit!

She has been enjoying trips to Target.. duh!

And of course she’s into everything!

This month brought on the first trip to the ER – nothing too exciting, just a stomach bug.

Little miss was the entertainment for all in attendance.

The weekend of rehabilitation meant lots of snuggles.

More visitors! Avera got to meet Katie and enjoyed accompanying her to visit the Hoover Dam.

Grandma also made an appearance.

Avera sent out her first Valentine.

This month she’s enjoyed walks with Pippa, playdates, and trips to the park.

She continues to bring us joy through chatter and smiles and hugs and kisses and an enormous, outgoing, independent personality!

And on the 25th of February, she pranced around her little kingdom as the Princess she was born to be.