Weeks 14-16

First week out of the first trimester and I expected to see the light. You know, the light: clear skin, lots of energy with restful nights and nesting desires. Apparently, it doesn’t always work that way. I am grateful I do not have many bad symptoms. Just keep telling myself that, right??

Some fun things have happened though. Week fourteen we announced to all of the world that we are expecting! It has been fun to see people’s responses and get so much support. That week, I also had the first person ask to touch my belly [you know who you are]. I let her do it.

Week fifteen I didn’t notice many changes and I was still able to hide the bump very easily. I started being able to get out more and stay up later.. sometimes!


And of course, week sixteen we shared the video of Mike and I finding out McVaby is a girl!! It has been a joy to be able to start saying “she” and pick out gender specific items and even begin to call her by her name. 
 IMG_9891 IMG_9896 IMG_9920