17-19 Weeks

So I have to admit, I had warnings! People kept asking how I was feeling and if the emotional roller coaster had begun. Oh it’s here!! And I didn’t take them seriously enough. When it first hit I did not know how to handle it. Fortunately for me, I have an amazing husband. He has been so supportive in helping me figure out how to handle this change; and he shows me his support by leaving a bouquet of flowers on my desk with the sweetest note of understanding!

Luckily, the roller coaster has started to transition to more of a mountainous drive. It still hits me, but I’m enjoying the normalcy that has returned!

Another big change has been my fitness level. We went on a glamping trip during week 17 and McVaby was quick to point out that I can’t handle what I’m used to during the short hike


Week 18 proved to be a time to rally. The end of October means the start of a busy season and McVaby is no exception. We had annual jet photos, 3 week pictures, and Halloween parties began.


These beautiful jet photos as well as the 18 week photos are the work of the ever amazing Forystek Photography.

IMG_7889 IMG_7899 IMG_7910 IMG_7913

My lack of motivation to dress up led to my costume enthusiast friend kindly forcing me into this corset.

October 24 2015

We were able to share some sweet moments with Mike’s expression of overjoy when he found the heartbeat with the at home fetal doppler my dad sent us. Mike couldn’t be more excited saying,

I could listen to this all day!

listening to heartbeat