Naming McVaby Boy

It seems to be pretty common that girl names are simply easier to decide on. So when we found out our next baby was a boy we started thinking, since we didn’t have one ready. Now, after lots of discussing and 4 weeks, we have decided on Abraham Haden.

Anyone who knows me could tell you I’m a bit of an US Presidents groupie — the office and history that is. And our love for political history is one of the things that brought Mike and I together. For this reason we have decided to name McVaby Boy after ourfavorite president, Abraham Lincoln.

From what he overcame to become President, and what he stood for to lead the country back from the most trying time in history and the legacy he left, we hope to raise our boy to become a man who commands the same respect due to the values he possesses. 

The middle name was a little tougher to decide upon. We had several we really liked and preferred to make it a family name. Haden is the family name of the close friends who introduced us. Ryan, Gwenn and Ryan’s mother, Eileen, are the reason Mike and I had the opportunity to find each other.

 Not only will the Haden’s hold a special place in our family for our introduction, they are people we can proudly tell our children to look up to. They are people that have mentored and cared for us. They are people that became our friends. 

We are excited to welcome Abraham Haden as the newest McVay in the New Year.