Month Five

The month with the most growth to date! At 5 months, Avera has become such a big girl.

She began by interacting more. She started recognizing toys, reaching for them then choosing the ones she wants over others.

She even goes after Pippa’s toys.

She found her feet!

Now she sucks on her big toe.

The giggles are the absolute best! She’s ticklish and laughs when we kiss her belly.

She is the most curious and intrigued little girl. She’s most content when we’re out and she can people watch and take in all of her surroundings.

She learned how to throw. Now not only does she throw, but she will throw a toy then crawl to go get it.

Speaking of crawling… This chick is mobile!

Her crawl is more with her feet than knees, but she can move.

Now playing with sister Pippa is even more fun! When Avera sees Pippa she beelines.

I decided to put her in front of a mirror for entertainment. She loves it of course!

Four month sleep regression is a real thing and it hit us hard. She went from sleeping 11 hours to up every hour. The caffeine industry was the only thing to benefit.

We did, however, take this opportunity to transition to her crib. She is officially in her room (even if she’s up every hour); and we are happily getting more and more sleep each night.

The transition from the inclined Rock ‘n Play to the flat crib was not exciting so the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was a lifesaver!!

No pearly whites peeking through just yet, but it will only be a matter of time since teething has officially begun! She has all of the signs: drooling, fussy, chewing, even the mythical poop changes.

So we’ve started the tricks: the toys, amber jewelry, lavender on the jaw and milk pops.

Despite the teething and the whacky sleep, you know Avie is still all smiles!

This month, Avera went on her first big trip! It included a bus ride, her first flight,  and cross country drive.

She’s officially a world traveler!

We had been practicing sitting up, but after using the bassinet on the plane she gained some confidence and figured it out.

I sat her down on the floor at the hotel and voilà! She can sit!!

Now she’s sitting everywhere!

And bath time is already more fun.

Traditional 5 month pics didn’t happen but these amazing ones did.

In honor of 5 months, and being in a place that made it possible, we took Avera to get her ears pierced.

She spent her 5 month bday celebrating by a beautiful walk to a lighthouse and playing in the sand on the shores of Byron Bay.