Weeks 36-40

“You’re 36 weeks today, right?” says the nurse as she leads me into the exam room. “No I’m not!! I’m 35 weeks. I’m 35 weeks, right??” I reply with slight panic.

Where has the time gone!? It hit me like a brick wall that I only had 4 weeks left until my due date while in the back of my mind I’m just hoping he stays in all 40 weeks. So I went home and started preparing!

Prep for labor for me means, get my checklists ready, get my binder updated, give Mike instructions, make oil blends, pack a hospital bag and make sure things are lined up for Avera and the pups to be taken care of… that sounds easy enough!

Weeks 37-38ish, the McVays took advantage of a long weekend for a trip to Charleston where this uber pregnant mama rode around town on a bike. Check it out here 🙂

Weeks 38-39ish, I think some nesting and a little boost of energy overcame me. I can’t quite be sure, but I did reorganize my pantry… suspicious behavior.

This was the beginning of my weekly visits to the doctor. I go in, they weigh and measure me, they listen to #McVaby’s heartbeat, we talk about how I feel and I leave. Each week I was continuing to measure small so this encouraged my determination that little man will be waiting until his due date or longer to arrive. However, at 39 weeks (on the day!), I began having a lot of contractions. These contractions were strong and frequent. I continued living life as normal. The next day, I had an appointment and maybe 4 contractions all day. He’s back in it to win it for the full 40!!

These contractions and my small measurement did earn me that ultrasound I’ve been wanting since my last one (at 20 weeks!). Getting to see his little face stirred up excitement for his grand arrival. He was an estimated 7.1 lbs, opening and closing his mouth like a little bird and we saw some hair on that head!!

With the thought that it could be the last weekend as a human family of 3, we made the most of it with multiple family dates.

We made it!!! FORTY WEEKS and counting. After another full day of contractions I began having my doubts, but here we are.

After a doctor appointment, we celebrated Due Date Day with Chick-fil-A!

Here’s to holding out 12+ more hours for a February baby!!