Month Seven

Seven months old sounds so big! I am pretty sure this marks the turning point that she is no longer an infant.. please tell me I am wrong!!


Month seven began with quality time with Lollie, kicking off a beautiful fall and discovering the extent to Avera’s mobility.



Just under 15 lbs, our little miss is getting taller and thinning out as she doesn’t slow down; and believe it or not she is getting some hair on that cute bald head!

img_9890 img_9885

The month of October was a girls only month. It was so sweet to see Avera light up when she saw Daddy on FaceTime.

img_1592 img_1607

We spent a wonderful day picking apples with friends.






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Lollie and I picked up this washer tub at the market and filled it with toys and balls. It was my saving grace while it contained her, allowed her to practice pulling up and kept her entertained. Past tense being very important there as she learned in just a few weeks to climb right out 🙁

img_9984 img_9974


We officially have a chatter box!

Solids continue to be the enemy.

img_0210 img_0208

img_0451 img_0447

We took a week to visit our friends in Japan. Traveling alone was an adventure in itself, but she was a champ as usual and made things a smooth as possible for Mama.

img_0463 img_0466 img_0467 img_0468

While there, we found some Avie-sized swings and she loved it!

img_0514 img_0515 img_0518 img_0520 img_0521 img_0526 img_0527

She also attended her first play and was an exceptional audience member.


She’s also loving fall as much as all the PSL-lovin-chunky-scarf-boot-wearing girls.

img_0532 img_0534

Along with her mobility, she has learned to love the playground. We have so much fun climbing, swinging and sliding!

img_0476 img_0477 img_0480 img_0481 img_0483 img_0484

My favorite thing she does right now is closing her eyes and making the cutest face in preparation of the [loud] door shutting in the car. Then when I come back around to get her out she is waiting with a gigantic grin!

The water obsession is still going strong. She loves baths (now even in the big girl tub) and now Pippa’s fountain.

img_9775 img_9911 img_9914 img_0437 img_0454 img_0492 img_0494

With Dad gone and sleep deprivation kicking Mom’s butt, we gave sleep training a try. The nights have gotten much better, but I will admit we haven’t made it to a full night’s sleep just yet.

img_0496 img_0436 img_9873

Avera is under the impression that crawling is for five month olds and walking is for seven month olds. She crawls (with a peg leg) all over the place, but she is so eager to walk!!

We continued to enjoy the weather with a trip to a farm. Avera is so curious and enjoys observing anything and everything!





We discovered a kids cafe just a couple blocks down the street from us and have a feeling that we will become regular visitors this winter.

img_0252 img_0260 img_0275 img_0246

Monthly pictures.. what!?.. did I say I would do those?? :/

I will give you some of the grand faces of Avie though!!

img_9815 img_9875 img_0203 img_0243 img_0482 img_0497 img_0504 img_0503 img_0507 img_0508


Seven Month Statistics:

  • crawling
  • pulling up
  • moving small steps while pulled up on something
  • attempting to stand alone after letting go of whatever she pulled up on
  • two teeth (on bottom)
  • jibber-jabber all the time
  • eating everything but solids (i.e. a magazine cover, a leaf)
  • favorite things include: swinging, chewing, bath-time, hanging upside-down, and getting into everything she can