Month Two

Month two and Daddy is back!


While Daddy was away, we had some fun girl time.


Avera is such a happy little girl and brings so many smiles for the family.

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At this point, Avera’s favorite things to do are: go for walks, take baths, smile and eat and eat.

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This little girl is growing so tall! At her one month check up she weighed 9.9 lbs and measured 21.3 inches long.

She loves taking baths so she gets one all the time now! She started kicking her feet and laughing in the tub.


On May 5th she tried to turn the water yellow.. just for fun.


This particular day, Avera had just pooped on Mom and peed on Dad.

On Mother’s Day weekend, I noticed her smiling in response to seeing us. What a good present for Mom! She looks at us with those big, round eyes and smiles back 🙂

Just a few days before that, she truly laughed out loud. At this time, her laughs typically come when she’s asleep and dreaming, but she is laughing!

She is a dreamer.


During month two, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with a human baby… Pippa has been giving me extra love on this day for 4 years now!


Saturday, May 7th, I took a BIG mommy step and left her with Daddy for the day. I joined some lady friends for a trip to the salon.

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Daddy took her out to an open house on base to see some jets AND a birthday party. Brave man. He said she was just perfect and sent me these photos while I was away.

IMG_2075.JPGIMG_8858 IMG_1036 IMG_2502IMG_0290 IMG_0112

On May 10th, Avera got to meet Grandma and Grandpa for the first time!

Week 7 we spent our weekend celebrating our sister friends Ryan + Evie. They are 3 years old now and love Baby Avie.

In honor of their birthday, we went to a milk farm.

At 8 weeks, it seems that she grew over night! She now weighs 11.2 lbs and looks so big!


This is the week we also fully transitioned to cloth diapers. Reviews and lessons learned to come, but in the meantime, how cute is that baby booty!?

She even started liking the changing table.

During week 8 we also had our first cold. Mommy and Avie caught the crud and spent the days coughing together and the nights snuggling to get rest for baby. {check out that bicep: “We can do it!”}


Unfortunately, this led to her refusing the bottle for the first time. We might be in trouble.

A few more of her favorite things:

Smiling and stealing our hearts.


Even when she’s supposed to be napping!


She likes hanging out with Daddy and sister, Pippa.

And of course all of the bows!!

IMG_0035 IMG_0089 IMG_0127

Happy 2 Months to this little lovie!!