We are having a…

Mike and I have been beyond ready to find out McVaby’s gender. Obviously, we are super excited either way, but the suspense is too much!

We decided to have the doctor seal it in an envelope and do it privately.  We had to practice some major self restraint holding that envelope all the way home!


Privately in front of a camera, of course! With the help of some wonderful friends, we arranged to video us finding out as soon as we returned from the doctor’s office.

Keeping it intimate, but wanting to share with some close friends, LeAnn, Hillary and Courtney joined us for the grand reveal. LeAnn prepared two different sets of balloons filled with confetti (depending on what was in the envelope). They made us close our eyes and handed us one.

A lot of people put in their guesses… I’m sorry to tell you, but most of you were wrong.

And without further ado…

You make me sing oh, la, la, la
You make a girl go oh oh
I’m in love, love

IMG_9876 IMG_9892 IMG_9896 IMG_9904 IMG_9908 IMG_9918IMG_9932

We are having a GIRL!!