35 + 36 + 37

The whole family back together and Week 35 underway! This meant we could make it to a birthing class. On Saturday, Mike and I went up for a check up and class at our doctor’s office.

At the appointment, Avera had gained a pound, but weighed in a little low on the scale at 5 lbs 11 oz. She had her face pressed against the glass so we couldn’t get a good look at her.

In between the appointments, we of course went out for tacos and ice cream!

35 weeks 35 weeks2

At the class, we enjoyed learning about what to expect during labor, techniques, and getting to know our doula better.

We discussed signs for pre-labor and I learned many signs have already started to appear, yikes!!

My belly is undeniably growing and Mike says it looks out of place, which is a great compliment. Unfortunately, my body feels exactly the same about it.

Nesting has to have began as I cannot sit still at home. I have a need to continually work on my to-do list that I cannot stop adding to-dos to! Naturally, this keeps me physically and emotionally exhausted.

Week 36 and the same old story… she’s growing! I started getting more uncomfortable and life is just difficult to do some days.

I took the weekend to have some rest and me-time with the girls in Seoul.

IMG_691136 weeks in Seoul

A nice cup of tea while I got a haircut.


A hand massage at Lush.


Week 37 brought on the most feelings of pregnancy. A part from contractions and back pain, hormones and emotions are up and down! Most of the time I think it is more a lack of sleep or just me being hangry since my sleeping and eating habits are all out of whack, but the bottom line is this baby is coming soon!

Friday I slightly began to panic… or let’s say nest..  as I started a rampage to get EVERYTHING in my house done. Finally organizing, throwing more stuff out, putting Mike to work, prepping freezer meals, and the list could go on forever (at least Mike says it does!).

Week 37 also meant picture week! Given the way I was feeling, I wasn’t too excited about pictures. But of course, I love seeing McVaby’s growth and progress!

IMG_3530 IMG_3537 IMG_3547 IMG_3566 IMG_3568

We had some fun playing in the snow too!


In addition to the bump pictures I have been doing the last 8 months, a friend convinced me to do some bare belly pictures. These were something I was hesitant to do, and from the beginning said I never would do. However, I am really happy she talked me into it!

I also was going to keep them private, but they turned out too perfect not to share.


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