Weeks 29-32

Every week I promise myself I’m going to be more on top of these posts and every week something new comes up to throw a wrench in my preggie-mom brain!

When we got back from #McVacay, I finally got a bit of the nesting bug. I brought home boxes of hand-me-down boy clothes from my sister and as I went through them to wash and sort it sparked a connection and excitement for a baby boy to join our home.

This motivation trickled into other things I hadn’t gotten around to like hanging pictures, unpacking boxes and even organizing my room. It even led to us finished both kids rooms before my self-proclaimed deadline of Christmas.

Getting into the thirties means getting into discomfort, right?! Well if that’s not right for other preggies they are just unicorns. Some of the most severe upper back pain around 29 weeks. Upper… yeah no one mentioned that. Lucky for me, I discovered Valor essential oil and that it was safe to use during pregnancy. It became a life saver and something I will endorse for every mama-to-be to keep on hand. Click here for my dealer or let me know if you want some!!

If you’ve met my first born, you know she is almost always a ball full of energy. Many moms have seen her and told me she has “the energy of their boys” and some have even told me that if my next has her energy I’m in trouble. Well guys, I’m in trouble! This little boy is kicking, squirming and flipping all the time!! His favorite time to go nuts is specifically when I try to relax.

Week 30 we spent our second and last Thanksgiving as a family of three (humans).

We have been spending the holiday season enjoying as much of these good times as we can with Christmas crafts and local excursions.

You can tell it’s closer to my due date by the increasing amount of snuggles I’m getting.

Avera has become a little obsessed with my belly asking to cuddle it or cuddle Abraham and giving it good morning kisses. Of course it has to be fully revealed for this!

Some real talk: this pregnancy has come with some struggles. Like all pregnancies I’m raging with extremities of emotions, a chaotic brain, exhaustion and physical fatigue. The past few weeks have particularly been difficult. I have struggled with control issues. Control of my mind, my toddler, my dogs, the weather, the items I need being in stock when I need them at the grocery store… you get it.