Weeks 28-31

Traveling in her third trimester!?…. what was she thinking!!!??  Yes, whoever said that was correct 🙂 Weeks 28-30 proved to be weeks for growing: physically and mentally.

First day of week 28, I hopped on a 14 hour flight. The confined plane seats pointed out to me just how much I have grown. Unfortunately, timing wasn’t great since my back recently started hurting and a total of 2 hours of sleep didn’t do me any favors.

Like everything, those feelings passed and we were with family! Questions and comments coming in hot!

I was told that I look smaller in person numerous times. Positive preggers took it as a compliment since of course I thought the pictures I had been posting I looked great!

We rang in the New Year in downtown Omaha with good food and fireworks — I wore heels which was brave… and a learning experience!


That weekend, my mother-in-law threw us a shower for family to come and celebrate Avera. We had Chick-fil-A and Nothing Bunt Cake and caught up with everyone. (Click here for more details.)


On Sunday, I commented to Mike how I felt like in one day’s time I had officially become “super pregnant”.


Week 29 we hopped on another plane (the seats didn’t get any bigger) and headed down to Georgia. Another long day of travel pointed out just how pregnant I am so some R&R was welcomed.

lisa's phone 1-5-16 019

This state got handsy. All these people coming in hands first.. not for hugs, but for belly rubs. I got over it pretty quickly as I didn’t have too many options.

This week also brought on many pregnancy changes and more growing!

We were also blessed in week 29 with another gracious shower!


Week 30 was here before I knew it. The back pain became undeniable and trying to sleep was going down hill… wow! I’m pregnant!!

Bowling. I tried to bowl and the ball won. Some things just can’t happen.


Eating has become a balancing act. First, you have to eat or you’ll die!! Then, you take one bite and it’s too much.

These 3 weeks I have had to have grown more than any other time during this pregnancy. I had an appointment the day before I left with McVaby weighing in at 2 lbs 8 oz. Mike and I have bets on how much she will have gained by my appointment at week 32.

Week 30 we took family photos and were able to get a few of the bump.

On3sayBrianneispregnant (49) On3sayBrianneispregnant (52) On3sayBrianneispregnant (58) On3sayBrianneispregnant (59)

Overall, I am bigger. This is what happens when you’re pregnant they say! However, I still can’t complain. I have had such an ease of a pregnancy and while traveling is more difficult it was definitely doable and worth it!

Week 31 I was back home and pictures were number one on the list!

IMG_1161 IMG_1165 IMG_1179 IMG_1213 IMG_1230

My wonderful friend, Kory, came to town to see me and make it to my baby shower. She asked me if I could still see my feet (I had not thought about it), and we found out when standing straight up and looking down I cannot.

These lovely friends of mine threw the perfect baby shower for me.


So many things and so much progress!! Nine weeks until the due date!!