Finding Out

So first things first: finding out.

Of course, I became a little suspicious as I assume most women do in time. As a result of the surgery in May, I was under orders from the doctor to not get pregnant.. oops! Because I had suspicions, I made sure to make an appointment immediately with my OB to make sure everything was good to go and safe for me to be pregnant. He said that I was healthy and ready, but that it was too early to tell without a blood test. While I waited on the results I decided a home pregnancy test was necessary. One day was just too long!

Dun dun daaaa… two pink lines!!

Mike was scheduled to leave town just a week later, so I wanted to tell him immediately. . I told him I was taking him on a “going away date” since we would be apart for 7 weeks. Of course he fell for it!I took him to an arcade [one of our favorite pastimes together is air hockey]. We made our way through some games and stumbled across a photo booth. I conveniently stored the test in my purse and whipped it out when the camera started snapping.

Here’s a glimpse of the results.