Weeks 19-24

Ok so I admit it… I skipped a week! So let’s catch up on the last SIX!!

Recapping the entire month of September and half of October seems a little overwhelming, but looking back this baby has kept me from getting too active so don’t worry, it won’t be too long.

Avera started school a couple mornings per week giving me a little break and me-time. I got my hair done, went to breakfast, went grocery shopping… you know the important stuff.

We spent much of September enjoying the weather and our family. To be honest, I have had little motivation to do much of anything including unpack or even socialize too much. However, I have wanted or more so needed to get all the quality time possibly with Avera. I have continuous feelings of fear that my one on one time with her is slipping away. Of course, I also want her to know she’s not losing rank with the new baby on the way.

In fear of going down an irreversible hole, I made myself get out, meet people, get some fresh air and anything else I could do. Let’s just say it kept the boat from tipping and just did the bare minimum to keep me afloat. But that meant parks, parties, get togethers and activities!! … I’m not in many pictures because, you know, the bare minimum.

One of the reasons I started her in school was to give myself the opportunity to teach Barre. It was a personal goal of mine to become certified during our time in Vegas and now it’s time to put it into action! I started my first class in October and it has been such a blessing. It keeps me motivated and gives me the bit of exercise I can take on myself at this time. It immediately began making me feel healthier mentally and physically.

The first weekend in October, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting up with some of my closest gal pals in Charleston. It’s not often that the girls get to go away alone.. and when I say alone I mean with kids 🙂 The reality of this baby started to set in as traveling and even just shopping wiped me out! Whew! I am big time pregnant!

This picture makes me slightly confused as I look much much bigger when I look down 😉