Naming McVaby

Since before we were expecting, we have been discussing baby names. Now this was not all because we were in love and planning a family; there were hints of a very important and favored name on the McVay side. I think a lot of people are going to be happy.

We have chosen to name our little girl

Avera Ray McVay

The very first time I met my father-in-law he brought up his grandmother, Vera, and shared with me what an amazing woman she was. [Keep in mind, I had known his son less than two months.] I thought, “Wow, this must have been one incredible woman!” At the time, I knew I was going to marry into this family and fell in love with the name finding it classic and timeless. I have always loved traditional, family names.

The longer I have been part of the McVay family, the more I have learned about Vera and been convinced of honoring her memory with the name of our first child. Mike, on the other hand, appreciated the idea of honoring a woman who was so cherished by his father, but took some convincing on the name itself. After thinking long and hard on the name, I presented the idea of putting an “A” on the front of it making it Avera and giving Mike the option to call her “Avie.” He absolutely adored it!


Vera Haas McVay has been described as:

everything had to be done ‘right.’ She was strong-willed – had her own mind and lived by it. What she believed, she believed and you wouldn’t talk her out of it

From what we have been told, she never met a stranger, was family oriented, enjoyed entertaining and never let anything go to waste.

A story from Pat:

One of my most memorable times with Grandma Vera was Christmas morning when I was either in high school or [early college]. We were at my sister’s house in and it was a bitter cold morning. Grandpa – who very seldom spoke because Vera did all the talking and he NEVER EVER raised his voice — had gone out to start the car, telling Vera to come out in a few minutes. 5 mins or so later he came back in and said “Vera!” and went back to the car. About 5 mins or so later, he came back in and said loudly “Vera” in a somewhat agitated tone, and then went back to the car. Vera never stopped visiting! 5 minutes later Grandpa slammed open the door and said, louder than I had ever heard him, “Woman, we’re leaving”. Vera jumped!! That was the only time I ever saw her speechless!

2 Vera 013


When we realized that Ray was the middle name of two of the most important people in our lives, it was a given we would use it.

I have always been called a daddy’s girl. Growing up, my dad was my best friend, my encourager, the person who kept me level headed and gave me direction. I always knew he was on my side; we were a team, the Blue team. He has been a great example to everyone in my family and now my husband. I know he will continue being that strong, admirable example for Avera as well. She will adore her Blue and pray for a man to one day marry like him.

Proud Daddy - Bethanycropped Bethany 07640460_10150232533990472_4053711_n39567_10150288353815472_1031788_n

I would most definitely call Mike a mama’s boy. He loves his mom and it is evident why. My impression of Cyndee is that she is a strong, driven woman that was no doubt his inspiration growing up. She actually reminds me a lot of my own mother and Mike points out often that I share some of her traits myself. This is one of the best compliments he could ever give me.

My mom has made me the man I am today.  Her confidence in me and the pride she takes in our family have always gotten me through the tough times in my life.  Whenever I was taking on a new challenge, my mom was always there; whether it was walking every morning to break in my first pair of boots or sending food to brighten up a day, she has always been there, and we hope Avera shares some of her traits and the traits of any members of our families that have impacted our lives.

– Mike

Mike birthbaby Mike and Cyndee mikey and CyndeeMike and cyndee

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