Weeks 22-24

The last few weeks of the second trimester have been the most progressive mentally. Up until this point, being pregnant has felt surreal. To say that I have connected is still a stretch, but from her movements to my growth, I am beginning to feel this pregnancy!

Week 22 I enjoyed a night out for another Fabulous Fiendette show and am very proud to say that my party dress still zipped!

Nov20 2015 show

Feeling up to getting out more and more, weeks 22 and 23 Mike made a point to take me out on a couple of dates. One night we went out for a nice and intimate dinner for some quality time. And another day turned into a movie day where we ventured out to the theater where I told him we were expecting. It will always be a special place for us now.

Nov 22

Feeling her kick was questionable for a while, but week 22 brought on lots of undeniable squirming! I can feel her wiggling all around. Now, at week 24, I can feel movement from one side of my belly to the other; and when I played music for her last night, it was like she was doing the macarena in there!

Weeks 23-24 brought so much fun with the seasons changing before us, the first snow of the season arriving, and decorating for Christmas. I was so excited to order our little girls first stocking to add to our family’s decor.

It looks great up there right next to her big sisters!


These 24 week pictures by Forystek Photography helped me be enthusiastic for this holiday season!

  IMG_1938 IMG_1880IMG_1939 IMG_1926 IMG_1917