Weeks 25-28

Vacations, TDYs and life have thrown my updates a little, but hey! that’s having a 2nd kid, right!?

We have been keeping busy! Week 25 I joined some ladies for a weekend getaway without the kids this time.

This was particularly a big deal for me as I left Avera for the first time. It brought on emotions from fear to guilt since I’m her constant and I watch as my little girl’s little world is about to get thrown for a loop. Grandma and Grandpa came into town to keep her distracted and maybe help dad out a little.

The following week we left for a much needed vacation. We started by attending an Air Show in Valdosta and catching up with friends.

From there, we spend Halloween with Avera’s cousins. My Wendy gown hid my growing belly well.

And from there we went to the beach for a week! Family time helped me get my mind off all of the crazy.

I went home with the pups and Avera while Mike had to stay back for work. That one week without him was one of the harder weeks a TDY has given me. Avera got sick then sick again and the pregnancy symptoms piled on strong! I even let her sleep with me 😣

Daddy’s return was a glorious day for us all!!

And just like that we are 3 months away from being a family of FIVE!!