Month Twelve

Ahhh… it’s the end of an entire year! My emotions are all over the place, but that’s not what you want to read about. Instead, let’s talk about the kid who is all over the place. As you can imagine, she has not slowed down!

New this month:

  • singing — she not only enjoys the music now, she sings along in some unknown language, so smart 😉
  • 2 teeth breaking through — one on top and one on bottom totaling SIX!
  • significantly improved communication
    • more clear signs — she can now clearly sign more, please, milk
    • waving and saying bye in response to a farewell and it is normally accompanied with a blown kiss
    • respond with a yes or no head nod
  • Sick dance moves

Her favorites:

  • dancing and singing
  • eating — particularly avocados, meatballs and eggs
  • being outside
  • slides and anything that can be climbed on

“That one marches to the beat of her own drum.” Is a phrase we heard several times this month and is so true! She is independent, spunky and can decide what she wants.

She’s a ham and loves to put on a show when given the opportunity.

She’s loving her mama and you won’t hear a complaint from me! She’s cuddly and wraps her little arms around my neck or leg or whatever she can grasp for.

Laughing and giggling and laughing and giggling. She’s such a joyful little spunk!

She’s an explorer. She has a curious little mind and a clear lust for wander already.

Calling her active would be an understatement. You can find her climbing, dancing, jumping, and running at any given moment.

Sass. Enough said.

She attended her first baseball game this month. She enjoyed playing with Bailey and walking up and down the steps during it.

Avera loves her friends. Mike and I both have recognized and commented on how much joy it brings us to see her excitement when she recognizes her friends.

She’s loving growing up with her best friend, the Pippa.

She’s loving to hug and kiss!

We have a toddler so you know we have pictures to prove it!

This month was a celebratory month as birthdays rolled around. Avera spent the celebration of her twelfth month with friends and family. She took her first trip to Disneyland, had a fabulous party and got lots of attention!