Weeks 16-18

A majority of these weeks Mike was away for work, however, the weeks proved quite eventful nonetheless. We made a drive down to GA to celebrate birthdays and stayed into week 16. At this point I knew the gender, but I was having to keep it to myself so my plan would work out.

The fatigue still comes and goes, but I have more energy most days which is being counted as a win.

When we returned from GA we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. This was especially nice as my motivation to do much of anything is slightly nonexisitent, they helped out with some house settling and Avera entertaining.

Maybe it’s the mama juices stirring up, but something came over me during week 17 and we adopted a 6 month old puppy from the local shelter. Check Ziggy out more here.

Pregnancy brain proved itself true more than ever as I had been told THREE times in print that Grandma and Grandpa were visiting the 16th. Instead, I wrote it on my calendar, put it in my phone and made extensive plans as if it were the 23rd. These plans included the gender reveal which grandparents were part of so they flew back for the event!! Talk about supportive… and maybe a little crazy 😜

Week 18 Mike was back and some motivation kicked in. We were able to finish up some things around the house and even host a BBQ. I impressed myself a bit!

Like all things this pregnancy, I forgot which week I am on…. so pictures were taken a few days late 🙃