Month Eight

The cuteness just keeps going up! The faces, the squeals, the chatter, the climbing, the eating… agh!!

Like a flip of a switch, our girl loves to eat! And I mean loves to eat! She eats anything that’s not mushy. Turns out that was the hold up.

img_0053 img_0057 img_0073 img_0083
“I’m no baby, Mama!” As she feeds herself the puffs, banana, avocado, sweet potato, pumpkin, leaves, flower petals… and whatever else when I turned my head for half a second.

Her Mobility:

Seven and a half months and standing!! What!?! Slow down my baby.

Since she has only managed standing with wall support or all alone in the middle of a room for 2.5 seconds, we don’t have much proof.

This moving and grooving walker action does show that it’s in the works though!


Don’t worry, she’s still keeping at this incredibly, adorable crawl-scoot.

And the climbing! big trouble in the days to come…


Bath time is still a favorite pastime.

Of course playing with sister is a big fave!


During month 8, Avera celebrated two major holidays for the first time: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Halloween was spent carving pumpkins with friends and attending the local Halloween festival.


Of course she was a Princess, and her Prince Frog treated her as one.

img_0321 img_0325
While carving pumpkins, Avera got her first taste of pumpkin. It seems it tasted just as good as it felt on her gums.




Her first Thanksgiving was spent with many friends.

img_0712 img_0722 img_0721

We thought she had learned to kiss from Pippa, but this pic proves our Avie is officially a kisser.

img_0021 img_0022

Fall, November days brought beautiful weather for lots of playing and exploring. We visited Seoul with some friends.


While there we enjoyed a nice day at the park.

img_0039 img_0043 img_0013 img_0015

No surprise she loved the slides!


We visited a poop themed cafe 💩. (Yep, you’re reading that one right!)

img_0633 img_0631

And we had the first McVay Family Caricature done!

This Hello Kitty cafe we found was just perfect, pink and girly!

img_0643 img_0653

I think she liked it 💕

img_0645 img_0648 img_0654

Fall leaves meant a photo shoot every chance we got.

img_0672 img_0674 img_0675

Some of this month’s firsts:

  • Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • standing without support
  • walking with the walker // pushing things to walk
  • riding in the big girl shopping cart seat
  • waving

While out and about, I noticed her waving at people who gave her attention. She had been holding her hand up like a wave, but the intention became clear as people waved and she waved back.

img_0691 img_0689 img_0667

We’re going to have a real chatter box on our hands. Avera just jibber jabbers her little heart out.

Many times, it seems like she’s giving a big speech or even preaching at us!

Avera continues to love bath time, smile like crazy, get into everything, laugh and cackle, chatter all day and eat!

A few of my favorite things:

  • The way she scrunches her nose with happiness.
  • The excitement she gets and the way she shows it. Especially when she sees me 😊


  • And of course the joy she has spending time with her daddy.

img_0657 img_0623 img_0621 img_0619 img_0611 img_0614

Eight months, wow!

img_0734 img_0732 img_0733