Month Three

My growing little chunker! Avera now weighs 11.6 lbs. During month 3 we have experienced tons of new and cute things.

We celebrated her first Memorial Day weekend with friends in order to honor and remember those who have died in defense of our freedom. This is something we want to teach our little girl each year to remember and respect.

She might be the smiliest baby I have ever seen.

June 2, Avera laughed out loud over and over again. It since hasn’t stopped.

She loves being outside so we continue to go for walks, take Pip to the park and hang out at the pool.

June 10th Avera rolled over from belly to back for the first time. Then she did again and again and again!

On this same day, she discovered her tongue. She now tries to lick things and pokes it out a lot.

Her sister is her bestie. They hang out at the park together.

Avera has started noticing Pippa and following her movements.

Pippa has returned the attention. Instead of greeting Mom & Dad when we get home, Pippa goes first to Avie. She doesn’t want to leave her side when we go out and she rushes to her side when she cries.

She is without a doubt a morning person.

The paci battle continues.

We have taken the attention away from the paci battle and focused on teething toys and Bunny Mae.

Her favorite toy is this little crinkle book.

She likes to pick it up and chew on it of course. She does the same thing with all of her burp cloths.

She is definitely a social butterfly.

June 13 she discovered sniffing. Mike will blow in her face and she will sniff.

June 21 she yelled at me for the first time. Yep, you read that right. She yelled at me because I wasn’t doing what she wanted. I’m in big trouble!!

During week 12 mommy went back to work… And Avie went with her! Yes, my boss for the win!!

And oh the many faces!

Wins for Mom:

Avera started taking one 2+ hour nap per day

Mom has been able to leave her with a sitter for 3+ hours at a time (only during the day)

Happy 3 Months, Avie baby ❤️

Hands in the mouth all the time right now.