32 + 33 + 34

Week thirty-two I was due for an appointment. Because of all of the Chick-fil-A, sweet tea, and fried food, I was a bit concerned to get back on that scale. To my surprise I had only gained 2 lbs, but the really cool thing: SO HAD SHE! She took on all that food for me; what a girl!

My baby daddy was still back in the States for training so we FaceTimed him in.

Avera must have been tired, because all throughout the ultrasound she was yawning. Maybe this explains why I’m so tired too! As a result I don’t have pictures to post from week 32 because I did a lot of this:

32 weeks

Big sister, Pippa, already likes to cuddle 🙂

My belly is definitely a reflection of her weight gained; however, I am continuing to call it a phantom belly since I am still failing to remember it’s there. Funny story: Pippa was trying to sit on my lap. I had on my robe and of course it was tied. She couldn’t get all the way to my lap so I told her I would untie my robe (thinking the knot was what was stopping her)… it was my belly. My friend, Kory, watched and simply laughed at my ignorance!

Week 33 I was a little emotional. I am blaming the exhaustion which is probably a result of the pregnancy so I guess I’m just pregnant! Although, it could be the motivation I found to officially start nesting. I work on things until I am completely exhausted… not that it takes much.

I also only took one picture this week and it is of my bare belly which I am not sure I want to share with the world.

Week 34 and love is in the air! This week brought me Valentines: the day and my man. Excitingly enough, Mike came home to us on Valentine’s Day.

Pippa just couldn’t stop the kisses!


In honor of the holiday, 34 week pictures were festive!

IMG_2513IMG_2454 IMG_2485 IMG_2487 IMG_2534 IMG_2423

Happy Valentine’s Day!