Twenty and 21

All the time I hear, “You still don’t even look pregnant!” Well happy day folks, you can’t say that anymore!! Mike and I left for a little McVacay and our little girl decided to pop.

The flight attendants let me board first, the men in security began asking questions, the women all began smiling at me, the servers gave me extra food… so there were a few perks 😉

McVaby loved kayaking.

IMG_1425 IMG_1417

And it wasn’t just in the swimsuit! Bump in the lagoons.


Bump hopping around the island.


So I have to share a twenty one week symptom! In the midst of these excursions, I brushed my teeth one morning and found the sink splattered with blood. I didn’t think too much of it since I was using a tough, hotel toothbrush. Now that I am home, I look at my app Ovia, for my 21 week update and see a warning of swollen, sensitive, and bleeding gums! This app has been spot on over and over again!

Upon returning from vacation, it was time for 21 week pictures with LeAnn. These photos definitely show the extreme climate change we enjoyed and the true pop of the bump!


I am absolutely loving how the wall is changing with the seasons!

IMG_9499IMG_9511 IMG_9521IMG_9505

Seeing his pure excitement and adoration is quite possibly the best part of being pregnant.


IMG_9557 IMG_9560