Finding Out II 

After having Avera there was a time period I would have told you I didn’t want anymore children. I was emotional. I was dealing with postpartum healing and rediscovery of myself. I was content with my baby girl. However, as she got older and began interacting with other kids, I realized that if I didn’t have another baby I would be depriving her of a friendship that only siblings can provide. With that, I decided the sooner the better.

We began trying to conceive in October of 2016. At this time I was not ready to stop breastfeeding which I believe delayed conception. After Avera’s first birthday I decided to begin weaning in hopes that it would help. Just a month and a half later McVaby II was conceived.

Because we had been trying neither of us were incredibly surprised. Instead, I became surprised by my reaction. I became nauseas, exhausted and came down with a fever multiple times in the early weeks. I then felt guilt that I had rushed into getting pregnant and it was now affecting my time and energy for the baby I already had. These feelings continued for many weeks.

I shared the news with Mike the day after the first doctor visit when the pregnancy was confirmed. I had promised myself I would do everything I could to document this pregnancy as close to the same as I had the first. So I videoed us giving him a gift box that contained the ultrasound. As you can see, his surprise isn’t quite as genuine. He said, “I had an idea.”