Becoming Even More Awesome

I always dreamed of seeing the world. I wanted to impact the lives around me through my passion for humanitarian work and my political ambition. A little tweak happened on November 1, 2013, when I attended a great friend’s Change of Command Ceremony.


Thanks to a few wonderful ladies, I was not-so-willingly introduced to Captain Michael McVay. We quickly found that our complimentary personalities, passions, goals and dreams made us #evenmoreawesome together.

I am now very grateful to the Hadens and all the ladies who took pleasure in “finding me a man” since he turned out to be the love of my life. That day my world and dreams changed. I am now Mrs. McVay, proudly supporting my husband as he serves the country we both so dearly love.

photo 1

I still plan to travel the world, now I have a partner. Together, we will impact who and what we can along the way.

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