38, 39 and the finish line

The end is near. At least that’s what they say. Full term and she could come any day. Week 38 and signs were clear that this wouldn’t be her week. Still sitting high in my ribcage, keeping me up with heartburn and moving around like crazy.

It was a busy week at work for Mike so Courtney filled in at the doctor for him. McVaby proved to be growing (not that my body indicated any differently) as she weighed in around 7 lbs 8 oz. Courtney and I made a day of it and got lunch and went to the flower market. This trip was to fulfill the need for me to decorate the wall in our stairwell: more nesting!

I now feel a peace about the house being ready. I know it will never be, but I am happy with where we are and not stressed about bringing her home. It could be all the prep I’ve been doing (see here).

Week 39 and my body hates me. From backaches to foot pain, I can name an ailment. However, I am grateful that unless someone asks me, I don’t think about it or feel constantly uncomfortable. Then I think about it and realize I am, but hey! I’m pregnant!

With the weather warming up and spring in the air, I thought some walking might do us all some good. We enjoyed a weekend together as a family outside.

39 weeks

On Monday, as this family of 3 laid in bed, I thought about our near future as a family of 4 and told Mike that if this was our last weekend before McVaby’s arrival it had been perfect. As each day brings me closer to the reality of this life change, I am seeing more and more how much I absolutely love my life. I have a small reservation about this change, but I know it is going to be a great new season. That new season, however, is reminding me and pointing out all the little things I sometimes take for granted. I am very blessed with a beautiful life and family.

Week 40 and big things: my due date, National Puppy Day, my birthday and Easter! For it to be such an eventful week already, it’s hard to imagine one of the biggest days of our lives could be an addition.

On my actual due date I treated my self to a pedicure and asked for an extra long one 🙂

due date pedi

We also celebrated with fun pictures, of course!

IMG_4259 IMG_4111

In honor of my birthday, we used balloons for this one.



Still waiting on my present (the baby that is! — Mike already gave me the most fabulous and thoughtful gift of jewelry).


Celebrating the due date of March 22!

IMG_4132 IMG_4138 IMG_4172

And watching it fly away just like the red balloon…



And the countdown continues…