Month One

They say the days are long, but the years are short; and time flies when you’re having fun. Well this seems to be especially true when you have two adorable sweet babies! Month one went by so quickly I truly cannot believe it.

Meeting him for the first time was the way you read about it. Perfect.

He met big sister just eight hours old.

And Lolli and Blue that same morning on day one.

Bringing Abraham home was such a simple experience. It was like everything had changed while everything stayed the same. His slid into our lives like a puzzle piece: perfectly completing the scene.

He is the ideal completion of our family.

The endless sweet moments are a constant reminder of how he belongs.

He immediately brought some strong face game.

Big sister, Avera, stepped into her role flawlessly. While she has struggled with a few adjustments, she has prioritized the needs of baby brother. She gives him lots of kisses, brings me things he might need, pushes him in the swing, and my favorite is when he cries she yells at me, “get him mama!”

Everything looked great at his two day appointment, but we had to return just a few days later with a gunky eye. However, this appointment he had exceeded his birth weight and checked all of the other boxes that would need to be checked at the one week so we were cleared for any follow up!

Here is just some handsome:

About the same age and cheesing like McVays: Avera and Abraham.

He enjoys being outside while big sister plays.

More sweetness:

His first holiday was Valentine’s Day and he has proven to be all about the love.

We are convinced he is just the sweetest… can’t you tell?? 😉

He took a few minutes to warm up to the water, but his first bath was a success and proved to be quite relaxing given the outcome!

We were all sad to see Daddy go back to work at the end of paternity leave.

Abraham is already a supportive brother cheering Avera on at gymnastics.

I have impressed myself [some days] with my multitasking!

And I am loving all of the cuddles.

Mama date!

Our family ❤

Abraham met Grandma and Grandpa when he was 3 weeks old.

He is our perfect little boy.