Weeks 33-35

Christmastime is always busy and exhausting. I have found that it is particularly exhausting when it occurs during the third trimester. These three weeks were filled with standard busy work life for Mike which meant a busier home life for me. Of course the time off from school and gymnastics on top of an ear infection and new teeth kept things running smoothly 🤪

December 11 was my first appointment with a different doctor’s office. Following the appointment I quickly found a peace about my birthing situation. This was a huge relief as it has been my biggest struggle throughout this pregnancy. It is amazing how meeting with a provider who cares about my concerns and preferences can lead to such a change in emotion and outlook.

Although there was a lot going on, Christmastime also means visitors! We had two sets of visitors during the month of December. Sometimes this can mean more work for the hostess, but during weeks 33-35 this means “welcome to my humble and lived in home, please help yourself to anything and feel free to help me too!” And that is much of what I received. Help and love and entertainment for Avie girl.

While Grandma and Grandpa were in town, Mike and I were able to go on our first date since our anniversary in May (yes, do the math and that’s around the time that led to weeks 33-35 😘). This was much needed and at the end of the night we discussed how rejuvenated we felt as a couple. So crazy!

We also celebrated Christmas with them which you know meant Abraham also received some gifts. I am finally feeling prepared (as far as items go) for him to arrive. Their Christmas gift to Mike and I was a freezer for our garage. It was an especially thoughtful gift as it was purchased to give me space for freezer meals and breastmilk! With help from my MIL, I began filling it immediately for McVaby prep.

Week 33 I had a Mommy and Me photo session done which turned out beautifully and led to a great deal of reminiscing on my time as a mother with one child. Read the full post here with more pics of me and my mini ❤️

Week 34 meant an extra long weekend with Mike home and Christmas! Naturally, this one is a bit sentimental and emotional as our last as a human family of 3.

We enjoyed bike rides, Christmas lights and quality time!

Week 35 brought more visitors. My family came to visit for the weekend and celebrate Christmas with Avera. I was able to share Abraham’s growth and Avera’s sweet interactions with him. For several weeks now she has become more and more interested in him asking to kiss, hug and tell him good morning. It is one of my favorite things to hear her say “Abraham” or “Abrahammy” in her cute little voice.

Weeks 33-35 final recap:

  • Increased exhaustion
  • Increasingly out of control emotions and anxiety (don’t ask about what, I couldn’t tell you)
  • Sweet moments as a chapter comes to an end
  • Waking up at random hours of the night (body prepping for baby time??)
  • Undeniable growth as my bladder, belly and lower back can attest to