Month Nine

On this Christmas day, Avera turns 9 months old.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we have a growing, active, smiling, dancing little girl changing before our eyes! Avera is our joy this holiday season.

She is learning something new daily, and making us learn something new along with her.

This month’s firsts:

  • standing for longer periods at a time
  • taking ONE step
  • eating chicken
  • pointing
  • intentionally dancing
  • experiencing snow
  • meeting Santa
  • celebrating Christmas

On the first day of her ninth month, Avera experienced snow for the first time.

She is now standing with intent while watching something or her typical preaching of course!

And is proud to take exactly ONE step at a time!

As the temperatures dropped, the bundles got cuter and cuter.

The pointing,standing and cuteness!

We gave Santa a shot… twice… and she decided he was going on the naughty list.

Even posing with sister Pippa didn’t help so we took some without him.


A few of her favorite things:

  • being naked
  • listening and dancing to music
  • talking and telling stories
  • eating everything
  • playing on the playground – especially sliding and being with the big kids

”Tis the season!

Sister friends even got their own tree this year.


She is just as happy and smiley as ever 🙂


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit so she got some quality time and of course Christmas presents!

img_1702-jpg fullsizerender-jpg-1

Avera spent her first Christmas weekend and the celebration of her 9th month by baking cookies, spending time with friends and holiday crafts.

Christmas Day we spent as a family & of course facetimed our families back home.

Avera’s favorite toy was the box of course.

Merry Christmas and a happy nine months!