Fear of Induction

When the doctors declared my due date January 31, I may have argued a little in hopes they would change it to February 2. I know that’s only a couple days difference, but it’s a difference and now I know why! Spoiler: they wouldn’t change the date in my chart.

So here I am, according to the doctors, 40 weeks and 4 days. They have told me they want to induce no later than Wednesday because that puts me at 41 weeks. I disagree and ideally don’t want to induce at all, but I think they can give me until Friday since in my mind it is actually 41 weeks. While in reality all of this is my reaction to fear.

I feel very strongly that labor is a natural process that will start when the body is physically ready to support the means needed to successfully bring a baby into this world. Trying anything to start that process before my body is ready makes me nervous. I am afraid that making my body do something unnaturally is rushing it and will result in a harder labor.

Because of this, I have researched “natural” methods to try before resorting to methods I’m not comfortable with. The problem is, if I’m being honest I’m also too scared to do any of these before any real labor signs appear.

My options presented:

With the doctors:

  • a misoprostol pill
  • Pitocin
  • Membrane sweep

On my own:

  • Foods: pineapple, eggplant parmesan, spicy things
  • Chugging red raspberry leaf tea
  • Essential oils: clary sage, primrose
  • Physical: walk, bounce, squat

I’m sure you can guess which route I prefer!

At 41 weeks + 5 days I went back in for my “let’s talk about induction” appointment. To my surprise, I was able to meet with a midwife instead of a doctor who suggested that we NOT discuss induction. Instead, she wanted to check my cervix and get an ultrasound. As long as the baby, my placenta, cervix and fluids all looked healthy she recommended we let nature take it’s course and the baby would surely be here in a couple of days.

I was dilated 4 centimeters!! Which we were all a little surprised about given the misleading “normal” state I am in. The ultrasound showed that #McVaby is still healthy, movement, fluid and placenta all look good. We are expecting things to happen all on their own in the next 48 hours which is a huge relief. Just to be safe, though, I will continue drinking my tea and having my Clary Sage on hand!!

to be continued…

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