Zigginheimer James

For the past 8 months I have toyed with the idea of getting another pup. I continued to go back and forth on whether it would be good for Pippa and if she would be happy with a companion sticking around on her territory. The less energy I had for Pippa and Avera urged me to consider someone as a playmate for Pip.

I decided to look on the local shelter’s website where I found a 6 month old, house trained, adorable, girl pup. I decided to go to the shelter to meet her. Once I got there, I was told she had been adopted two days before. However, this cute little floppy eared boy pulled on my heartstrings instead.

He was shy. He was timid. He wouldn’t let me come near him, but let Avera pet all over him. I decided to go home, discuss with Mike (who was out of town) and bring Pippa back to meet him. The next day, we set up a meet and greet for little boy pup and Pippa. They were hesitant, but overall played well together. The thought of leaving him there after teasing him with a home led to a snap decision of “Yes! We’ll take him!”

We filled out the paperwork and brought that timid puppy home.

The first few days was just mom, Avera and the pups. He remained shy, would barely let me approach him, and slept on Pippa’s bed as much as he could. Those few days came to a quick halt as he pounced out of his shell and became a full blown active puppy! Playing all the time, enjoying tug, chase, and nipping at everyone.

We went back and forth on a name as I would try one out and see how if it stuck. After a handful, I tried Ziggy. Avera repeated it crystal clearly so it was a winner!

Potty training got off to a good start, but a weekend full of visitors sent things into a spiral. Since, we have taken some advice, done some research and worked on getting him up to speed on the pottying rules. We will move on to other training challenges once we succeed!

He best qualities are that he is cute, he is SUPER cuddly, he’s sweet with Avera and he plays well with Pippa.

Welcome to the family, Ziggy McVay!

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