Two ✌🏽

When I look at Avera I still see her has my baby. She’s just a tiny thing I need to do everything for who can’t tell me what she needs so I should just know. The reality is that I’m delusional and I have a very independent, smart two year old! That’s right. This year, my baby girl turned two. I’m devastated!

Ok, ok, maybe I’m happy to see her growing into such an independent little girl, but still, it’s slightly torture! She does things that most two year olds are likely also doing and I am just blown away. Because in my mind she too little to be that smart or saying those things. Nonetheless, in my mind she’s also a baby genius, the most athletic tot you’ll meet and the best thing on this planet so let me stay delusional.

Anyway, her birthday called for a celebration. I thought I would never host a themed party; nothing Minnie Mouse, or “girly” themed yada yada. That was thrown in my face quickly when this sweet chick acquired a few obsessions. The most obsessive of the obsessions being Moana. What can I say? It calls her.

Her birthday fell on Sunday this year which meant we could celebrate on the day again. We had lots of family come to town, made a taco bar, rented a bounce house and had lots of fun!

Check out these amazing cupcakes a fellow mil spouse made. Believe it or not, they tasted even better than they looked!

Avera’s favorite part of the day was when everyone sang to her. She spent a good part of the following days singing “Happy Birthday” to herself & appropriately me as well.

She also really enjoyed the Pua cake. She hopped up in her highchair a couple days later, looked at me and said “more Pua, Mama!”

Avera is incredibly blessed to be so loved and we are all grateful for everyone who made it out to celebrate our amazing, Moana-obsessed, cake-loving, perfect two year old!!

Both birthday celebrations have had a great show of family from all over; even a surprise guest each year!!


A few of my favorite things she does:

  • She is a phenomenal hugger wrapping those arms tight around my neck
  • Her excitement is contagious the way she smiles, shakes and squeals
  • Her chatter and storytelling can bring a smile on any given day
  • She may be sassy and independent but right now she says I’m her bestie
  • She loves her family and will tell anyone who will listen about each person and pup
  • And as always I believe she’s pure genius with how many songs she knows, counting to 11, ABCs and impressive memory

I am blaming mombrain for missing her scheduled 2 year checkup back in March and having to reschedule it for a month later. So at two years and one month old, Avera is 33.75″ tall, 26 lbs and healthy!!