This Veteran’s Day

When I married Mike just under 5 years ago, I thought I knew what I was getting into. I had been warned by many, watched friends who were mil spouses and even sat down with another pilot who shared a few horror stories of how hard it was to be a mil spouse. He told me it was a tough gig and there was no shame in walking away for no other reason than not wanting that kind of life for my family. I chose this life; and most days I consider it a privilege over a struggle.

Today, this Veteran’s Day, I sat around with many vets and listened to what this day means to them. Many of them shared they had fought for the future of America in Vietnam, Desert Storm and our current conflicts. Then they asked what it meant to me. This is something I don’t think about often. Ignorance is bliss and I’ve got a long road of commitment ahead. But when it was my turn to speak I couldn’t shrug it off. Instead I looked down at my two babes in flight suits, and over at the man I love and said,

We are the future you fought for. Thank you. Now I look at my children and it’s their future he fights for.


Thank you to all men and woman who served and fought for this country. May my generation and the next generation become one you’re proud to say you fought for. May my generation be proud to fight for the next generation. And May the next generation want to carry the torch.

God bless America.

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