The Special Things

One of my favorite things about our wedding, is how we were able to incorporate many sentimental memories. The day in itself was special beyond words, but these little touches made it complete.

  The necklace I wore is actually the baby necklace my grandmother, Faye Leggett, gave me 24 years ago.. something old.


Each McVay man has graduated from the US Air Force Academy. All three have matching class rings they wore since they were all together on this special day.

Pat McVay-Class of 1977 Daniel McVay-Class of 2003 Michael McVay-Class of 2009


Something blue… a blue shirt was collected from our fathers and the groom each one is embroidered with wedding dates and sewn into my dress

Brian and Lisa Baggett Michael and Bethany McVay Pat and Cyndee McVay


The bouquet itself was nothing special, just some pretty flowers for the bride to hold. However, the dog tags attached to them not only represent the groom, they represent his role in the Air Force and the life we will now share together as a military family.


The bride’s family has a tradition of putting a penny in her shoe. The penny is from the year she was born and is placed in the shoe by her father. This tradition has taken place with the my mother, my sister and now me.


Finally, the garter was made out of lace from my mother’s dress. It holds even more significance because my sister also wore the same dress. There was also one made from my brother, Brian Ray, and cousin, Bailey, for their when their special days come. This way we all can wear a piece of mom’s dress.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your special day and so many memories made with all of us! You were a beautiful bride and I cannot believe you girls are all grown up now! I still think of the days you and my girls were in gymnastics in Moultrie! Love ya girl and God’s blessing to you and yours for many happy years to come!

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