The First Thanksgiving as McVays!

In the first year of marriage there are obviously a lot of firsts. And living in Korea, we also get to them a day before all of you 😉 Being away from our families along with it being our first Thanksgiving as a family, we wanted yesterday to be special. This led us to host some friends for turkey, dressing, and a good time.

First and foremost, I am incredibly thankful for my husband and happy we could spend this first together!


In the military lifestyle, family may not always be around. Fortunately, the word family doesn’t always mean blood, instead it can be those who choose to be in your lives. So second, I am so thankful for the wonderful AF family we have. Thank you all for helping make this day and our ROKtales so special. And a particular thank you to the Brummers for all of the extra help and beautiful friendship, we love you guys!


Another first was this kind of cooking! As the hostess, I took on the turkey. Which I must say was quite delicious and all gone. And third, I am thankful I have a wonderful home in Korea where I can cook a turkey and host an event.


I also took on the tasks of homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and some pecan cookies (all from scratch). Yes, I’m proud of the little wins in life.

It was not complete, though, without the help of some wonderful friends. Corn casserole, dressing (or stuffing) of course, green bean casserole, corn bread, sweet potato casserole, spinach salad, cabbage salad, rolls, mac ‘n cheese, oh my oh my!! All topped off with banana pudding, chocolate eclair pudding, candy corn cookies, and two pumpkin pies!!


So we all gathered together in honor of our American tradition to give thanks at our make-shift table and ate it all up!

You know, it’s not so bad over here in Korea. We are blessed with a happy family, beautiful friends, and all the love we can handle!


The pups played, the kids squealed, laughed and cried, and we all spent a great day with wonderful people. All in all it was a very successful first Thanksgiving in the ROKtales!

We’re proud to say the decor looked good, the food was even better, nothing was burned (or burned down) and we all had a great time giving thanks. Hosting Thanksgiving was a success!




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  1. ok so the old lady had twitter trouble. was wondering how y’all were and why u hadn’t posted in a while! umm, can i get some tech help? haha! just followed u (again)!!! i’m so sorry! Merry Christmas & we loved the card!!