The Father of My Children, 2016

This year, Mike has the privilege of being called “daddy” by two perfect little girls. Of course, neither of them can actually say the word “daddy” but the way they love him says it all.

From the day we started dating I knew this man would make a great father, and he’s been proving me right ever since.

He lights up at the sight of them.


He makes a complete dork of himself for a single smile.

Being a father to girls, he beams over dresses, bows and all things pink.

He rocks Avera to sleep, changes diapers and sings to her.


He throws the ball, runs, fills the bowl and cuddles Pippa.

Most people don’t understand the way I love Pippa. They say having a human baby is different. But Mike understood from day one that he would become her father. She would be treated as his child. He accepted that, he supported that and that is how he loves her.

So today, Mike’s two girls, Pippa and Avera, are the luckiest girls in the world to have him in their lives. I know without a doubt he will love them unconditionally, learn to braid hair, talk about princesses, coach sports, play dress up, be a shoulder to cry on or the hug that they need. As their role model they will look up to him. Avera will admire men who are like him. She will seek a husband like him. Pippa will continue to get excited at the sound of his arrival home. These things will happen because he has earned it. Because he is deserving, they will adore him.

I couldn’t be more blessed with such a great father for my children. There isn’t a better man for the job xoxo

Of course, there are two other men that cannot go without being mentioned. I know that he learned how to be a good father through having a good father. And I know that I learned to recognize a good father by having a good father. Our fathers have been such great examples and since become great grandfathers. Thank you, Grandpa and Blue!


Happy Father’s Day!!

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