Only getting here in August, I had this grand plan that I wouldn’t leave for at least six months. Then my family began sounding sadder and sadder, my niece had surgery, and I had time! So Mike and I came to the “why not!?” conclusion, and I decided to surprise my family.

I used this visit as a learning experience for Space A. Space A is an option the military provides us that basically means if there is space available on a scheduled flight I can get on it. It’s easier said than done, but a useful privilege. After three days of sitting in the airport, I was lucky number seven to get a seat!


In case you haven’t looked at a globe in a while, I am absolutely on the other side of the world from my parents. It took me exactly 24 hours from Korea to South Georgia. Still wanting to keep it a surprise, I waited until I landed in Seattle then called my dad. I asked him to pick me up a few hours later in Atlanta, but to keep it a secret.

Naturally, the first thing I purchased when landing was a pumpkin spice latte (not available here on the ROK). And shortly after I made a point to find a gingerbread latte… yum yum yum!! Don’t take it for granted, America.


We were successful in our plan. He tricked my mom into going to the airport with him and we were thrilled to see her eyes light up after a double take to make sure it was really her daughter. Of course she started crying and wouldn’t let me go.

Next, we had to surprise my sister and brother. We waited until the next day and my mom told my sister she was coming over. Since Joy Belle came along it’s the norm for Mom to stop. We walked in the door and when Sisy looked up she just squealed!


My mom then called my brother and asked him to come pick something up from Sisy’s. When he knocked on the door, I opened it and surprisingly he had nearly the exact same expression.


We were all back in one place for a while.


We spent the next week hanging out, catching up, shopping and eating.. in AMERICA! And of course I had to stock up on cuddles with this chick.


So she wore all of her adorable outfits from Uncle Mike, Aunt Bet, and cousin Pippa.


Of course spending time with my family is wonderful and I miss them everyday. However, I have another family in Korea and the days without them were nearly unbearable!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 6.11.36 PM

While I was home, I was fortunate enough to visit some very important friends (more like family) of mine. The Haden family has been mentioned around here a time or two not only because they are awesome, but because they are also my family!


Now I’m back home with my loves, where I call home now.


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