So, if you have not figured it out just yet, the McVays have moved to the Republic of Korea (ROK). So along our journey here, I will continue to keep you updated on our “ROKtales”.

Upon our arrival, our sponsors, Jake and Sarah Schonig, offered us an abundance of support. Not only did they act as our guides to all things Korea, they also hosted us in their spare bedroom for over a week! During that week they introduced us to our new way of life as a new Fiend and Fiendette.

photo 1      We also spent our time finding a reliable vehicle and two mopeds (yes, I insisted he was not the only McVay on a moped!).

 photophoto 5

We are also blessed to be joining our good friends, Tyler and Danielle Brummer, who have been here since February. They have been more than supportive showing us the ropes and helping us get settled, but they have truly been a simple comfort and reminder of home!

photo 6 photo 3

We have found several local restaurants that we like: some Thai, some Korean, some Japanese, they pretty much have everything! Which is nice since we have limited cooking supplies. But, when we are missing fast food America, we still have options.

photo 2photo 4

Now, we are sitting in two borrowed patio chairs, sleeping on an air mattress, and waiting for the rest of our household goods to make it! So in the mean time, we’ll be off to make more memories in Korea!

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