Merry and Bright

Being away for the holidays is one of the things military families say can be the hardest. This Christmas was our first. So we turned that around and decided to enjoy our time alone as newlyweds to make the most of it!

I always said I wouldn’t have a tree and there was too much going on for Christmas, but I had never been away from my family during Christmas. So we decorated!


We also took part in all things festive! We planned the squadron Christmas party..


We had people over.. We went to people’s parties..


we even went to the kids Christmas party and didn’t even take Pip!


All of our family were understanding of us being away and with that the boxes of gifts just kept coming! We are so grateful and blessed to have people that love us so much.


Pippa was extra blessed with presents as everyone send a box for her. She says thank you!


While the gift of this beautiful family is the best gift of all, my favorite wrapped gift came from my mom. I mentioned to her a while back that I wanted a recipe box like the one she had. She, of course, surprised me by passing it along to me!


Thank you to those who sent us such beautiful ornaments for or first Christmas so we could start our own collection.


Of course, it was a wonderful first Christmas together and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the family and friends we have!

IMG_5772Merry Christmas to all!

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