McVays in the USA — Part II

We were blessed with the opportunity to return to the States for a visit en route to a training for Mike’s work. First, we spent 6 days in Nebraska then journeyed down south for the greatly missed sweet tea, fried food and family lovin’!

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Naturally, my parents were excited to have the entire family in town so Tuesday we spent the day hanging out and everyone came over for dinner and Nertz!

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Wednesday, we made it out to Valdosta to have dinner with some very special friends of ours and go back to where this adventure began.


We were able to get some R&R and spend time catching up with everyone throughout the week.

This little girl pretends to be shy, but loves playing with Uncle Mike.



We found out she loves stickers… we are STILL finding them on our stuff!


Looks like Mike had fun with the selfie stick 🙂



Mike had to head off to work so I stuck around with my family.

On Sunday, some very thoughtful family members threw me a baby shower. I am so grateful for the love that was shown to me that day and all of the friends and family that came out to celebrate Avera!



Thank you Sonya, Jean, Sisy and Rita! It is a good feeling to come back to such warmth and support. (Click here)

The rest of the week, I spent quality time with my family.

Mike came back for the weekend. On Friday, we all went bowling because a family that bowls together…

It was fun!


Saturday night everyone came back out to my parents for more eating and game playing! Mike won Nertz and wants everyone to know it 🙂

Sunday was our last day in town so a family day it was: church, lunch and family pictures.

On3sayBrianneispregnant (27)

This picture of just the guys might be my favorite!

On3sayBrianneispregnant (97) On3sayBrianneispregnant (94) On3sayBrianneispregnant (89) On3sayBrianneispregnant (14)

I joined Mike in Alabama for a day so we could have some quality time together before I headed home.

IMG_1799 IMG_1801

Some extra, exciting news: during my visit, my sister told me she is expecting! These could be the only pictures we ever get of both of us preggers 😉

On3sayBrianneispregnant (92)

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  1. I literally laid in bed crying as I looked at those photos of you & Mike with Joy Belle. I’m so thankful for the time y’all got to spend here. We miss y’all so much.
    (And you’ll have to send me some of those pictures. Seems I didn’t take hardly any on my phone while y’all were here!)

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