What a whirlwind it has been! We arrived in Vegas January 5 and hit the ground running. After being up for nearly 48 hours, we did what we could to get settled in. We picked up a new car, got cozy in our new apartment with our rental furniture and ate some classic American food.

We had a few visitors that brought some help and love.

Four days later Mike started classes for his 5ish month course; and the girls and I found activities!

We found a great park for Pippa that we could visit nearly daily.

Avera started swim lessons.

We had more visitors. Being across the country instead of across the world brings more frequent guests 😜 

We took a couple of small trips ourselves.

We made new friends.

And got to see some old ones!

We celebrated Avera’s 1st Birthday with family and friends at Disney and in Vegas.

I accomplished some goals of my own.

Avera and I made a trip back to GA.

We found out we are expecting a new McVaby!

Then after all of hard work, we celebrated Mike’s newest accomplishment.

Both sets of parents, Daniel and some close friends were all able to make it out for the festivities.

A few days later we hit the road to close this chapter of #McVagas and headed toward our next adventure: #evenmoreShawsome … stay tuned!

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