I don’t want to Mom today.

This morning I woke up to a cloudy, blah day. I was immediately grumpy and impatient. No amount of coffee was helping me wake up. I even let my two year old watch frozen at 10:00am (big no no for normal me!). All day it was one thing after the next that was pushing me closer and closer to the edge of a breakdown. First I couldn’t wake up. Then I started getting a headache. Then I had to fish things out of the toilet. Then both kids cried at the same time for no reason. All things that happen on any given day, but today they seemed worse. I did what I could to put my happy mom face on and engage with the littles.

On this same day, I had scheduled family pictures. At 4:00 pm I was supposed to slap a smile on this grumpy face and take pictures that could be up in my home forever. Oh the dread I had! So what could I do? Reschedule or fix my mood? I chose to give the later a shot.

After Avera’s dance lesson, both kids were exhausted. This made putting them down for naps easy. So I took the alone time and hopped in the tub with a “stress away bath bomb”. After, I popped open some Boom Chicka Pop and watched Friends. I did my hair and make up and texted Mike to ask for a Starbucks delivery. BOOM! Better mood. Mind over matter. While I was still stressed and a bit on edge, I had overcome the tense state of grump.

Pictures were a whirlwind as usual, but our fave photographer always brings some extra smiles. After the session she showed me a few of the shots and got me pretty excited to see all of them! We did a quick dinner and bed routine. I plopped on the couch and got a notification that I had been tagged in a picture. This picture:

My heart fluttered and my first thought, “I’m so glad I mommed today.” I thought about the 10 minutes I played in “Baves Bistro” and the verbatim phrases she used that she learned from me. I am so proud to be their mom. Abraham’s smile when he’s in my arms and Avera wanting to help me pour pretend sugar into a pretend mixing bowl reminds me that they are proud I’m their mom too. Even on my worst days.