Here comes the BOOM!

As a pilot’s wife, it is often difficult to visualize what my husband does at work. I know he briefs, then steps, then flies, then debriefs so I have a basic idea. I was also fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work in various shops in a previous squadron so I feel I have a decent understanding of his day to day. Nonetheless, the opportunity to literally fly in a plane and watch him out the window is something I couldn’t pass up.

Some logistics went into making this happen, particularly with the kids. Not having a consistent sitter, the length of time I had to be away and the take off time all stood as barriers preventing me from seizing this opportunity. A supportive, fellow pilot’s wife to my rescue again! I am reminded again and so grateful for the support that can be found in our community. Words can’t express the gratitude of a mother that doesn’t have to worry while her children are in the care of someone else.

This flight was extra special for me as I was able to fly on a KC-135. This is the jet that my father in law flew and my brother in law currently flies. So cool!

I got to sit up in the front with the pilot’s for take off. I could see Mike on the runway, everything the pilot’s had to do and they even let me flip two switches so you know I’m the real deal ✌🏼

We were able to walk around the back of the plane and out the window we could see the F-16s. This closest one is Mike!!

Then the super cool part where I got to lay down in the back of the jet with the boom operator to watch Mike refuel.

Obviously bias, but Mike hit the tanker with the best contact in history 🤩

A special thanks to the crew who was patient and hospitable to myself and all of their guests. We are thankful for their work and their dedication to the success of the many missions the KC-135 has.

Lastly, thank you to our escort, Jimmy, and my fellow pilot wives. You were fantastic company and I will cherish this experience that has created a sweet bond with each of you.

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