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This PCS/move across country is proving to be quite the doozy. We sent our stuff with the movers two weeks ago, left our last home 1.5 weeks ago, stopped for a quick pause at Grandma’s house then continued to hotels 1-4. Now, staying in hotel #4 for four days before our next stop. Whew! It’s a whirlwind and being on the road makes it difficult to get the veggies, vitamins and nutrients we need for parents and babes alike.

Who am I kidding? it’s hard to get veggies and vitamins in on the road or not! I spoke with their pediatrician and researched to determine what I wanted to prioritize. I chose: probiotics, vitamin D and veggies for the kids; probiotics, Vitamins D + B, Turmeric and veggies for myself and Mike [you can read more about what I take and why here]. So, after loads of research and comparison here are some of my favorite ways to keep our health a priority while on the road:

For the babes:

For Abraham it’s still easy to throw a pouch in with his lunch or dinner. Our personal preference is HappyBaby Clearly Crafted Pouches. It’s a brand I trust and the variety of flavors keeps Brammy happy! You can find them on Amazon, limited flavors at Walmart and a large selection at Target.

He as also recently graduated to their HappyTot bars which was Avera’s favorite when she was his age.

He also gets a probiotic and Vitamin D supplement daily. Probonix because it has no dairy, quality ingredients, age appropriate and no refrigeration required! So great for on the road 🚗 I chose Ddrops Baby for vitamin D drops because of the lack of ingredients. It’s just vitamin D + coconut oil 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I had both of these approved by his pediatrician prior to use who gave them a big 👍🏽

Avera is getting more opinionated by the day so she gives me a challenge. We used Garden of Life kids powder probiotic and Ddrops which we were happy with until we got the all clear for chewables (#gamechanger). Again, I checked with her pediatrician who signed off on the chosen products and her ability to chew them safely. I chose Garden of Life Organic Kids+ because it’s from a brand I trust and includes probiotics, vitamins C + D!

For the Adults:

I chose Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3, Raw B-Complex, Mood Omega-3 Fish Oil, Mood+ Probiotic and Raw Prenatal (I decided a prenatal is the best multivitamin for a woman preggo or not) for myself.

I also take a turmeric supplement after finding out that research shows a correlation between turmeric and brain development ranging from depression to Alzheimer’s. There are many other benefits linked to turmeric intake that it’s one of those I believe everyone should take because it won’t hurt so you should try it! I decided on Ora Organic for turmeric but there are lots of others out there like this one: click here. It is easier for your body to absorb when taken with black pepper so many supplements have this included already.



For all members of my family, vegetables are a battle. So I like to hide them in things: meatballs, pasta, but especially smoothies. Most of my kitchen appliances went in the U-Haul or storage except two very important things that went in the back of my car…. my coffee maker and my blender ☕️ + 🥦🥕🍌🍓 = 🤗

Being in this dirty TLF is making me crazy, but a YourSuper Super Green smoothie makes me feel a bit cleaner.

It’s really simple, just pick your ingredients: yogurt/almond milk, frozen or fresh fruit, and powder (YourSuper or Ora). Of course, you can play around with recipes and decide what you like. I also like to add oats, flax, etc. occasionally but I like having the option to keep it simple on the go.


The thing I love most about these powders is the ability to add them to anything! I’ve added them to food, drinks, etc. I can get a smoothie on the road and add it in. The possibilities are endless!

I chose these two companies because they are organic, non-GMO and trustworthy. I trust them enough to give to both of the babes and that says a lot! I like Ora because I’m comfortable there as they have great customer service and a great go-to for any product. I like YourSuper because of their mission, their founders went to my alma mater and the variety of flavors. They have something to fit every need. I recommend getting the starter pack to determine what you like best!


Lastly, I like to boost our immune systems with elderberry and essential oils. I prefer elderberry syrup (homemade if I can make it or get it from a friend) but on the road these gummies are great!

I also use Young Living essential oils. It’s so much info it will require it’s own post, but please message me with questions. I have some past posts that include some details here and there. My member number is 2599675 for purchasing purposes.

*Disclosure: When products are purchased through the links I’ve shared, I will receive monetary/points/credit compensation.

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