#evenmoreMcVacay to DC

I love America, it’s history and the office of it’s President so while we are living on the East Coast, a trip to DC was a must! Naturally, I have already began engraining a shared love in my children. I will use this moment to shamelessly brag that Avera can name every single U.S. President & pick out many of them in pictures. As for my son, naming him Abraham after the greatest President, says everything.

Day one we hit the highlights. After breakfast at a random cafe we made our way up the mall. We love a good Hop On, Hop Off Bus so it was our transportation of choice.

No shame in our tour game.

The babes needed a rest so we strolled back toward the Capitol to hit a pre-picked lunch spot, Oyamel. It greatly exceeded expectations and has earned a raving review! (Hint: that was it.) I recommend the Pancita de puerco al pastor with the Mojito Dorado.

On our walk we saw Marine One taking off from the South Lawn.

After lunch we took the bus back around to hit some spots we missed (& make up from some attitude issues).

There was a Trader Joe’s just a few blocks from the AirBNB so we grabbed some essentials to have breakfast in the rest of the week.

Day two, we spent the morning seeing the city from the top of the bus on our way out to Arlington National Cemetery.

We grabbed lunch at the Shake Shack (another mm, mmm good lunch!) in Union Station before walking over to the Capitol for a scheduled tour. My in-laws set up our tours, but they are open to the public with just a bit of pre-planning involved so definitely look into it!

Avera enjoyed seeing the statues and paintings, but her favorite was the painting of Pocahontas’s wedding. Abraham entertained our fellow tourists with smiles and giggles.

We called it a day and had dinner at the AirBNB. We took advantage of GrubHub and had La Plaza delivered. It was another delicious meal. The chips were the best part!

Day three was spent down at Ford’s Theatre and Madame Tussaud’s.

We followed up with lunch at Lincoln’s Waffle Shop then shopping. Lincoln’s Waffle Shop is sure to surprise you. Don’t let it fool you, there is more than meets the eye., It was the best waffle I’ve ever had with great customer service. Do yourself a favor and give it a chance! (pst! order the chicken and waffles)

We took the rest of the day to rest because we had a private White House tour scheduled for 8:45 pm. Again, my in-laws took care of this part of the planning, but I asked for you and with some effort in pre-planning it is doable! (pro-tip: when I say pre-planning, I mean 6 months out!)

I have to mention that we chose GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar up the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to fill up before our tour. Add it to your list of must eat in DC! If the sandwiches weren’t good enough (which they were exceedingly grand!), the customer service added bonus stars to our review.

The final day of our visit, we chose to stay on foot and visit three museums: The National Holocaust Memorial Museum, The National Museum of American History and The National Air and Space Museum.

Direct quote from Avera, “I want to ride in the Batmobile.”

We also spent some time outside the Capitol and around the National Mall.

Of course, I have our last day raving food recommendations. Stop by Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. You won’t regret it and you’ve earned it after all the walking you’ve done on this trip! & for a delicious breakfast check our Jimmy T’s!

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