Bare and Beautiful

Bare belly pictures were something I thought I would never do. Something I said I would never do. However, after a friend convinced me to, I gave in. I am definitely glad that I did and couldn’t keep myself from sharing.

One thing I love about these pictures is the reminder of the beauty that is this pregnancy. It highlights how much my body has changed, but in a wonderful and beautiful way. The true miracle of growing a child.


Another noteworthy part of these pictures is my scars. I love looking at this and seeing the reminder of the miracle of me even being pregnant. Those scars are part of the reason for this pregnancy and it’s cool to be reminded in such a simple way.


In most of the pictures, you can see one of my two tattoos. Both of them have such significant meanings and to see them displayed so elegantly and already part of my little girl’s life is such a sweet moment for me.

Here, you see a line from our wedding vows. Our vows displayed across the first way I’m getting to know our daughter. It is a reminder of our marriage, the love we have for each other, the family we are growing and the love we will raise her in.


Here, you see the word “live.” This was the first tattoo I got and it still holds so much meaning to me. It is a reminder for me to live every day to the fullest, as myself and with no judgment or regrets. This is how I want to raise my daughter.


As the word “live” is referenced several times throughout Ephesians, “…live a life worthy of the calling you have received… and live a life of love…” and “Wake up… be very careful, then, how you live… making the most of every opportunity.”

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