#backedbyBrammy: Teething with Nuby

The past few days have been rough on Abraham.. and Mama! Fever, drool, clingy, fussy, basically any teething symptom is a symptom he had. Our Nuby box of teething goodies showed up smack dab in the middle is this top-chomper-teething-terror.

But the tiny teeth are so cute when they finally breath through!

What we got:

Vibe N’ Teethe™ vibrating wristband :: purchase here

Nûby™ Comfy Gums™ :: purchase here

A Nuby Teething Trends Necklace :: purchase here

How we feel about it:

The Comfy Gums became an instant favorite. Since we opened the two pack, one of them can always been found near Brammy. We even attached one to a Cutie Clip so he can have it clipped in the stroller or car seat.

The Vibe N’ Teethe wristband was an instant attention grabber. The buzzing occurs with the slightest touch so even when he’s playing with other toys he manages to find it again. As you can see, the visual fascination was just as appealing as the gumming.

I had the most doubts about the Teething Necklace. He pulls my hair, chews my face so why would he need a necklace!? To my surprise he reached right for it! This particular day I wore him in the Beco so it was especially handy to have the necklace on.

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